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Refuge Church exists to model the character of God to our local community. As a church community, we embrace the tradition of Jesus by striving to acknowledge and help mend the hurt people have suffered. We aim to emphasize the voices of the marginalized and pursue the flourishing of all people. Bringing wholeness to our world involves recognizing the inherent value and worth of all people. Diversity of thought is vital to a healthy community, and we welcome people in any stage of their faith journey. 

Summer 2022 at Refuge 



We are taking a break for the summer months!

We will not be having our regular Sunday services or weekly online discussion group throughout the summer. Instead, we will be having several group hangouts at various locations in the Pullman area. You can find out more information about those events by going to our Facebook page.

We will start meeting again regularly on August 14th at 10:30 am at the RTOP theatre in downtown Pullman (122 N Grand Ave). Childcare will be provided.

You can learn more about our summer break by watching the Youtube video posted above. You can also find and watch past sermons on our Youtube channel. 

If you have questions or want to get in contact with us throughout the summer, fill out the form below and we will contact you!  

Thanks, we will be in touch!